Happy new beginnings

It’s 2017, and I am starting the year with chucking binders full of notes and papers from 2003. Now that everything is digital these days, moving out of the office I’ve been in for the past 6 years is much easier. It’s also amazing how my hoarder tendencies have been affected by the awarding of a doctoral degree. I either was confident that I could find the information I needed again from somewhere online, or from someone I knew, or perhaps it’s just apathy – whatever it was, I dwindled down about 4 file cabinet drawers and too-many-to-count 2-inch binders to two file boxes. And I only brought one of them to Coconut Island (Hawaii Institute of Marine Biology, or HIMB), where I’m starting my new postdoc. I’m pretty proud of myself.

Feeling light and excited, I set up my two desk spaces with a few nicknacks that have always resided on my work desk: my plastic yellow pencil/highlighter/pen holder with the obnoxious noise-making owl pen, my Samsung monitor, my colorful page labeler, and my notebooks. “Two desk spaces?” you may ask … yes, I am starting a Smithsonian Research/Science Education postdoc, which has funded me for a year to work with the Rappé Lab to conduct plankton time-series research in Kāne’ohe Bay, and to bridge this active research effort to build a new education module for high school students with the HIMB Science Inquiry Education Program. Since I love both science and education, this is a perfect next step for me and I am really excited to be working in nearshore systems, and with amazing people out here on Moku O Lo’e.

Moku O Lo’e in Kaneohe Bay, with the Ko’olau Mountains in the background. Image by D. Peebles

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