Other publications

Below is a list of narratives I wrote as a scicomm enthusiast and during a year-long stint as a Nature Jobs Careers Columnist. Many of the pieces pertain to the trials and tribulations of life as a graduate student in academia.

Rii, S., 5 Dec 2014. The postdoc search timeline. Nature Jobs Blog.

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Rii, S., 14 Jul 2014. Academia, industry, or non-profit? An interview with Carrie Leonard. Nature Jobs Blog.

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Rii, S., 14 Feb 2014. Digital tattoos. Nature Jobs Blog.

Rii, S., 24 Jan 2014. Casting your net. Nature Jobs Blog.

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Rii, S., 17 Oct 2013. Back to school: why choose a PhD? Nature Jobs Blog.

Rii, S., 29 July 2013. The one with the peanut butter M&M’s. Real Science at SOEST! Blog.

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