Science Communication

In 1997, Dr. Jane Lubchenco called for a “social contract” that committed scientists “to communicate their knowledge and understanding widely in order to inform decisions of individuals and institutions.” Science (1998)


SciCommOhana_stickers_2x2v1Science Communicators ‘Ohana

I co-founded the Science Communicators ‘Ohana in August 2014, a Registered Independent Organization at the University of Hawai‘i at Manoa. We are a collective group of students, postdocs, and staff with a commitment to increase scientific literacy in society through effective science communication. Through workshops, writing groups, and peer-editing forums, we are engaging the UH community in exploring effective methods for communicating our science. 



Science Communicators ‘Ohana Blog 

This blog, originally SOESTblog, was launched in 2013 by Michelle Jungbluth and myself as a venue for graduate students to improve writing and communication skills. We also hoped that the blog will help showcase each others’ research in Science departments at UH Mānoa. Currently, we hold Blog Writing workshops and retreats to encourage staff and students to talk about their science.

Let’s Talk Science!



Postdoc Search TimelineNaturejobs Careers Columnist and Blog Contributor

From June 2013 to December 2014, I wrote columns in the Naturejobs Careers section of the magazine and blog, providing career advice to graduate students and early career scientists. I have written on many topics, such as my return to grad school for a Ph.D. after leaving school for 2 years, and my choice to stay in Honolulu, Hawaii for my next move in my career.


For a full list of my science writing publications, see here.


Public Speaking Engagements

5D3_7496As a Denise B. Evans Fellowship Award and ARCS Scholar Award recipient, I’ve been asked to speak to foundation donors and peers about my research and path to graduate school. My aim with these talks is to break down the barrier between scientists and the general public, to show them that scientists are regular people. In addition, I have been a guest speaker on the topic of “goal-setting with mentees” for a mentoring workshop and on “career mentoring” for a professional development graduate seminar.

For a full list of my invited talks and science presentations, please download my CV.